Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

Successful post merger integration planning and execution is the key factor that unlocks the value of the deal. Though often times the majority of work and planning goes toward getting to close. The critical pre-work in integration is delayed. And many times, your value is never seen.

Your Partner in Post Merger Integration

  1. We’re experienced corporate leaders who have led post merger integration from within a business. (not as consultants)
  2. We have empathy for long term success. (because that is what we’ve been held accountable for)
  3. We think full picture from early in the M&A process through years post close, driving delivery of long term M&A value. (we’ve always been a business partner … not come and go consultants)

What You Can Expect From our Post Merger Integration Work

M&A Integration process

Our primary focus is delivery of the merger and acquisition value to your business. We do this by partnering with your teams early in the process to ensure long term success. A critical piece of our process is to ensure alignment of the M&A strategy with the integration process. Our comprehensive M&A / acquisition integration process helps ensure the best long term outcomes.

From this process you’ll have:

  1. High level integration process and aligned strategy
  2. An M&A Integration Playbook documenting key workstreams for integration planning, change management, and key result areas
  3. Integration Risk Analysis using Lean Six Sigma tools
  4. Partnership / coaching / leadership throughout the process

Our Experience Stands Out

Post Acquisition Integration and Post Merger Integration are complex, risky processes that you must get right the first itme. You are expending time and significant resources into a new acquisition …. Yet, approximately 80% of all acquisitions fail to deliver on the planned value according to multiple studies including Harvard Business Review.

Our processes have been called, “the best M&A program I’ve seen in my career”. Healthcare CEO (~$2B Revenue)

Let our merger integration best practices help your team drive the M&A value and success your strategy demands.

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